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The United Steelworkers (USW) union will soon be in a process of renegotiating collective agreements for approximately 11,000 forest industry workers in the BC Interior’s northern and southern regions. The majority of those workers are employed under the terms and conditions of collective agreements with two employer associations, and two major forest companies. There are also some small companies that the USW bargains pattern agreements with. The two major employer associations are the Council on Northern Interior Forest Employment Relations (CONIFER) and the Interior Forest Labour Relations Association (IFLRA). The two major forest companies are Canfor Corporation and West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd., which have USW mills mainly in the northern Interior. USW members are employed in sawmilling and planing, plywood and panel boards, and other related industries.

BC Interior USW Wood Council 2013 Bargaining Bulletins - Click to view in pdf format.

Bargaining Bulletin #29
BC Interior Negs Conclude After Almost Year of Talks
Bargaining Bulletin #28
USW Votes Yes - West Fraser Deal Ratified
Bargaining Bulletin #27
Tentative Agreement Reached With Conifer
Bargaining Bulletin #26
West Fraser and USW Reach Tentative Deal
Bargaining Bulletin #25
WF and USW Make Negotiations Headway
  BC Interior Bargaining Bulletin - Click to view.
  April 7, 2014
  BC Interior Bargaining Bulletin - Click to view.
  February 28, 2014
 BC Interior Bargaining Bulletin - Click to view.
  February 5, 2014
 BC Interior Bargaining Bulletin - Click to view.
  January 30, 2014
 BC Interior Bargaining Bulletin - Click to view.
  January 22, 2014

More 2013 BC Interior Wood Council Bargaining Bulletins available here.


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